Source code for pylibftdi.examples.magic_candle

Magic Candle - light falling on the LDR turns on the LED, which due
               to arrangement keeps the LED on until LDR/LED path
               is blocked

LDR (via a transistor switch - dark = '1') - D0
LED (via series resistor) - D1

pylibftdi - codedstructure 2013-2014

import time

from pylibftdi.util import Bus
from pylibftdi import BitBangDevice

[docs]class Candle(object): is_dark = Bus(0) # D0 be_light = Bus(1) # D1
[docs] def __init__(self): # make the device connection, this is used # in the Bus descriptors. Also set direction # appropriately. self.device = BitBangDevice(direction=0xFE)
[docs] def run(self): while True: time.sleep(0.05) self.be_light = not self.is_dark
if __name__ == '__main__': c = Candle()